Llanmiloe County Primary School is co-educational, catering for pupils from four to eleven. Children are admitted Full Time at the beginning of the term in which they have their fourth birthday and transferred to secondary school at the beginning of the autumn term following their eleventh birthday. 

There are currently 2 key stage classes.  

 Dosbarth Enfys -Foundation Phase


3 years +    Nursery 

4 years +    Reception 

5 years +    Year 1 

6 years +    Year 2  


Dosbarth Seren - Key Stage 2


      7 years + Year 3 

      8 years + Year 4

      9 years + Year 5

     10 years + Year 6 


The children are taught in groups using a thematic cross-curricular approach.


This half term our theme will be :-   Electric Rainbow!     Our theme for this half term is Electric Rainbow. This topic has a Knowledge and Understanding of th…

By the time the children have reached KS2 of the National Curriculum they should have gained skills and knowledge to adequately prepare them for their transfer …