The Foundation Phase theme in the Spring Term was 'Pitter Patter Puddle Play'.  Mr Jones, Miss Sue, Miss Sam and the class had a wonderful time visiting the Wetlands Centre in Llanelli.


Amelia and Emily wrote recounts of the day:

First we went on the bus and it was fun.  Next we went with the lady to feed the ducks.  It made me laugh.  Then we had a book about flamingos.  It was fantastic.  Last we went to the observatory and we splashed in puddles.

By Amelia


First we got on the bus and it took ages and ages but we did get there.  Next we looked at some ducks and they swam fast.  The lady fed the ducks.  Then we went to the observatory.  We looked in binoculars and we saw some ducks.  Finally we had lunch and it was delicious.  After that we splashed in puddles.

By Emily