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During the Spring Term the Juniors were learning all about the Romans.  As part of the theme they went to visit the ancient Roman town of Caerleon. 

Please visit this website for more details - http://www.museumwales.ac.uk/roman/

This is a review by Year 6 pupil Roman Parke

I am going to award 5 stars because...

Caerleon has a super awesome history as I learned on our trip. The Romans were legendary builders and can’t believe how deep they could dig it was epic and the same with the amphitheatre, it was historical and it still had working steps and some cells, it was cool! After that we went to see the barracks which was awesome and a moment I’ll never forget when I got to try on Roman armour then finally we went to see and learn all types of Roman medicine it was extremely funny because one of the medicines was wine I was laughing badly. I would recommend Caerleon Roman history resort for people age 5 and over especially for people who love history. Unfortunately the trying on the Roman armour is only for schools and so is visiting the remake of the barracks. Apart from that I would recommend this resort to anyone ;)