Healthy Schools 

Our aim here at Llanmiloe School is to help children to grow to be healthy safe and responsible and become active citizens of our community and wider world.  Children learn about health, fitness and well being during lessons and take part in physical development activities during our school week.  We encourage all children to bring a piece of fresh fruit for snack time and encourage all children to make healthy choices for their packed lunch.   


Our tooth brushing programme ‘Designed to Smile’ currently takes place in DosbarthEnfys. 

  For more information please use the link below: 

Online games and activities 

Click on the link below to learn about the Eat Well plate. 

Click on the link below to play the online game about making a Healthy packed lunch. Maybe you could use some of the ideas for your own packed lunch! 

Click on the link below for healthy meal and snack recipes.